Save some money by making your own colourful wind chime from bottle caps 🙂

DIY Wind Chime



DIY Wind Chime Step 1

Cut metal wires about 2-1/2 inces long.

DIY Wind Chime Step 2

Puncture the bottle caps twice with the hammer and punch. Use a punch that would create holes with a size that is just enough for the wire to go through.

DIY Wind Chime Step 3

Insert metal wire on the whole. Wrap the end around itself using pliers.

DIY Wind Chime Step 4

Insert the other end on another cap and secure it as well.

DIY Wind Chime Step 5

Continue linking caps together until you get a chain of your desired length.

DIY Wind Chime Step 6

Attach the chains you have made to the centerpiece using the metal wires, still.

DIY Wind Chime Step 7

To hang your wind chime, use the fishing wire, weave it around the center piece and tie it on the end at the center.

And you’re done!

Source: Trina Is Artsy


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