Short people always need to have their pants hemmed and this is an extra expense for them every time they buy a new pair. This tutorial will show you how to do it yourself 🙂

How to Hem Jeans Fast and Easy

You can also use this double-sided adhesive for easily and permanently hemming garments without any sewing.

HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive



How to hem Jeans fast and easy

Put the jeans on, find where you want your jeans to lay and pin it at the fold.

How to hem jeans fast and easy
How to hem jeans fast and easy

Remove your jeans. Take note of where the pin is located, and re-pin the jeans, putting the orginal hem slightly above your first mark.

How to hem jeans fast and easy

Sew right next to the original hem, like in this image.

How to hem jeans fast and easy

Then do a zig zag stitch just below the seam you just sewed to help prevent fraying. Cut off the extra fabric, fold over, and iron flat.

How to hem jeans fast and easy

Then top stitch. This secures the zig zag stitch area and prevents it from flipping up after washing. Make sure the thread matches perfectly, and keep your line straight and even.

Iron pants for a little bit and that’s it!

Source: Do It Yourself Divas

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