We already know that mason jars were made to preserve food. And so we reuse them to store other foods when they go empty. When we already have enough food containers, we either bin or give them away. Well at least that’s what happens most of the time. Here are other mason jar ideas you may or may not have thought of yet:

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lighting
DIY Solar Lights in Jars (from Put it in a Jar)

Tutorial here.

Mason Jar Ideas
Art Materials Holder (from Best Friends for Frosting)
Mason Jar Ideas
Picture Holder (from The Cottage Market)
Mason Jar Ideas
Drink Lids (by Little Chicklets)
Mason Jar Ideas
Bird Feeder (from Rustic Crafts)
Mason Jar Ideas
Toothbrush and other Bathroom Supplies Holder (from Zest it Up)

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