Creative Lamp

Light is essential for our day to day living. Thanks to Thomas Edison, who invented the first commercially practical incandescent light, everybody’s lives became much easier during the night.

But a hundred years later lights are not only about brightening up the room anymore – it has also become a medium of art expression. The creativity of people has found a way to integrate art into it. Today, there are many lighting ideas that we can only call genius – like Edison genius!

Here are some that inspired us to think and get creative…

Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.8-)

Interactive Cloud Lamp

Upcycled TeacupsTree Shadows

Tree Shadow Lamp

Cupcake Liner Lighting

Hand Carved Lamps

British Hat Lighting

DIY Doily Lamp

Cloud Lamp

Steampunk Lighting

Teddy Bear Lamp

Coffee Cup Sphere Lamp

Drum Set Chandelier

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Silverware Lamps

Suspended Lamp Made Out Of Recycled Graters

Do you think you can contribute to this list with your original idea? 🙂


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