Curate – Share – Find – Make!

Whether it’s a work bench, rock garden, kitchen, desk, fire-pit or deck, making anything yourself is always very satisfying. But, for most people, the most rewarding experience is sharing the knowledge you gained as you worked on that project.

Right here, right now is where you can share that knowledge for the benefit of all. It’s easy. You can upload your photos, videos and material lists along with all the instructions you choose. And the credit is yours – now and always.

Getting started:

For your convenience, we’ve broken all projects down to two levels. The first is the ‘What it is’ – the component. The next level is the steps needed to make that component.

As an example, let’s say you’ve made a table and six chairs. There are two ‘What it is” – the table and the chairs – each needing a very different set of instructions.

  1. Start by giving your project a meaningful title. When others search for ideas, your title will act as a filter.
  2. Add a description of the project explaining what you set out to achieve.
  3. Add a photo showing your wonderful project. The perfect photo is 800px wide.
  4. Now add a component (the ‘what it is’) and give it a name, for example, “The Table”.
  5. You can now optionally add your materials list and/or a brief description of this component.
  6. Next, add your first step. A step is an instruction. Give it a title like “Cutting the pieces”
  7. Add an image to your step to help people follow more easily. You can add one photo or drawing for each step.
  8. Add as many steps as you feel necessary to show your work properly
  9. Next, if needed, add a new component, in this example, “The Chairs”
  10. Rinse and repeat until done!
  11. All done? Now click the “Save Draft” button. Be patient. It might take a few minutes if you have added lots of images.

Of course, many projects will only have a single component so use whatever works for you. For example, you may even choose to break a chair into two components, the frame and the seat. The flexibility is there to suit your project!

Here are the keys. Be home by midnight 😀

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